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Life Insurance

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Life insurance is the most under-purchased insurance product in the United States today. Many people have no life insurance coverage at all, and few are covered beyond a basic policy provided by an employer. However, of the products provided by Trapp Insurance Group, life insurance is one of the most valuable and crucial types of policies.

The Coverage You Need

Because life is fragile, life insurance is important for people of all ages and in all walks of life. Singles with no children still need to have coverage that will pay for final expenses such as a funeral and burial or cremation. Anyone with a mortgage and other debt should have a life insurance policy that will cover those bills in the event of an untimely death, and those with a spouse or children want to make sure their loved ones will have what they need if death comes early.

Life insurance policies can also provide protection for those who outlive their retirement savings or those who become disabled. The experienced agents at Trapp Insurance Group can explain various policy options and how they can help you prepare for the future.

The Changes Life Brings

No single life insurance policy is right for everyone, and because life brings changes, your life insurance needs will change depending on several factors. Our agents will consider your age, your lifestyle, your debt and your family when helping you find a life insurance policy. We also recommend reviewing your life insurance regularly. A review is especially recommended anytime you

  • Get married
  • Get divorced
  • Have or adopt a child
  • Buy a house
  • Refinance your home
  • Start a new job
  • Start or grow your own business
  • Have a significant change in personal health
  • Take responsibility for the care of an aging relative
  • Acquire an inheritance
  • Have a significant change in your household income
  • Experience other major life changes

You can get started by requesting your free online life insurance quote today. If you have questions about life insurance or would like to meet with an insurance agent in person, we invite you to call us. We look forward to helping you prepare for the unexpected.

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